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The following are our active members from different parts of Tanzania mainland

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Group influence and the power to change an environment is stronger than the individual level. Tanzania Sustainable Cultural Tourism Association is a hub for Eco and Cultural Tourism Enterprise Coordinators to organize their resources, plan their strategies and assign action items, by being a member of this association you will have the following benefits:

NETWORKING, meet with like minded coordinators and cultural tourism expertise interested and working on the same issues with you and discover available connections and opportunities within your community.

ADVOCACY , on behalf of its members, the Tanzania Association of Sustainable Cultural Tourism will lobby the government and important stakeholders on common issues that impact its member enterprises that operate within the space including different laws, regulations and policies that may prevent member’s business from growing to their full potential. Members will also benefit in licensing and certification processing aid/support.

ACCESS TO RESOURCES, members will get opportunities to educate themselves on the best practices in their industry through events and conferences. The Tanzania Association of Sustainable Cultural Tourism will provide more personal opportunities for self-education with workshops, seminars, and online courses with industry leaders who have years of experience.

EXPOSURE - A listing on the Tanzania Association of Sustainable Cultural Tourism website giving valuable exposure of your product which includes hyperlinks to your own website, photos, social media links & categorisation opportunities.

LOBBYING The benefit of our lobbying and engagement with tourism boards, embassies, high commissions and leading global tourism authorities to ensure that Tanzania Sustainable Cultural Tourism is high on the agenda.

EXHIBITIONS - The opportunity to exhibit at trade shows both physically and digitally on the Tanzania Association of Sustainable Cultural Tourism pavilion at a cost-effective price and access to exclusive member only rates and benefits at other trade shows.

How to become a member.

The Association membership shall be any Eco and Cultural Tourism Enterprise that is fully registered by the Tanzania Tourism Board (Cultural Tourism Program) under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in Tanzania mainland who is willing to contribute efforts in achieving the Vision and Mission of the Association.

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TaSuCT - Tanzania Association of Sustainable Cultural Tourism

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