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Volunteering with Us.

Advocating to make a change and Improve local livelihood, Impact local life around Tanzania through Sustainable Cultural Tourism?

Are you a volunteer and interested in the growth of sustainable tourism in Africa? and want to make change and help the Tanzania community through Cultural Tourism? Karibu Tanzania.

Our organization is located in Moshi Kilimanjaro Tanzania but operates mostly in the Tanzania regions where our members are organizing sustainable Eco and Cultural Tourism activities which makes a perfect organization for volunteers to work with us but also to explore our beautiful country more than the normal traveler.

Volunteering with us will make a great difference to our organization and community.

Why volunteer with us?

Work with innovative young people of Tanzania, one of the most biodiverse and culturally enriched countries in the world. You will improve your skills on environmental and cultural preservations and restorations. On the Community empowerment projects you will work with local women and young generations to develop sustainable economic capacities and resources. Lastly, get to explore the country's natural and cultural beauty and live with the most amazing and hospitable hosts.

Volunteers skills and qualification needed.

Sustainable Tourism product development.

To Improve the existing products to our members and help to develop new ones, volunteers will visit our members centers tasting the tour packages so as you can help to improve and develop new ones.

Building capacity among program members who work with visitors during tours to give out a quality work product.

Travel content writing.

Volunteers will help to write on the organization and its members website, blogs content, Magazine, flys, travel articles so as to improve its travel content and send clear messages to visitors, tour operators and travel agencies.

Website and web application development.

A volunteer with website creation skills will help to improve our organization website and our members on creating new websites, improving the existing websites as well as Help them in Search Engine Optimization so as they can get more bookings.

Fundrise and Proposal writing.

Sales and Marketing.

Advice our members on sales and marketing, Help to connect our members with travel agencies, tour operators, and hotels to increase sales. Teaching our members basic skills for sales and marketing for sustainable Tourism.

Photographing skills.

A volunteer with photography skills will help our organization and members on photographs and filming which will help on their websites, social media and on printing materials such as flays, brochures, and more. A volunteer with basic equipment to super end equipment is welcomed.

Social Media Management.

Working on social media to reach more audience interest with sustainable tourism, help our organization and its members how to use social media to grow their social enterprises and timing to post and the use of proper hashtags.

Time of volunteering.

Our activities can be conducted from one week, two week, month, up to four months in which we believe one can make great changes to our organization and to our members and community.

Where to go during your volunteer program.

During your volunteer or internship in your free time, especially on weekends, you can visit different national parks such as Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and other tourist attractions around Tanzania but at your own expense.

Where to stay.

Volunteers will stay in the village in a suitable and safe homestay with electricity, water, and a toilet.

What to bring.

Volunteers will own equipment such as laptops, cameras, comfortable walking shoes, sleeping bags, sunglasses, sunburn, and other important personal things.


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TaSuCT - Tanzania Association of Sustainable Cultural Tourism

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